Our response to Covid-19

As our world is ravaged by the devastating effects of the Coronavirus and businesses around the world are reeling from the human and economical casualties, we need to look forward to a time when we can open our businesses while protecting our employees and customers.

While there are still no means to completely protect ourselves from this threat, we can still practice widely accepted precautions to mitigate some of the risks.

As we open to welcome our customers back to their normal lives, how do we ensure compliance with assuring them of our ongoing commitment?

Introducing Precog – an Artificial Intelligence based assistant that uses cutting edge Computer Vision technology that processes the feed from your CCTV systems, to protect your employees, customers and yourself.

  • Face Mask compliance
  • Occupancy compliance
  • Sanitation compliance
  • Contact-less attendance system
  • Crowd monitoring compliance

Face Mask Compliance

  • Precog monitors your premises for anyone not wearing a mask. Our proprietary algorithms detect if face protection is being worn across your premises, using only your existing security cameras.
  • Ensure your staff and customers are complying with the mandatory mask regulations.
  • Every visible face in the optimal field of view is scanned to ensure mask compliance. In case a visitor is spotted without a mask, it triggers 1:N alert notifications.
  • You can also integrate the system with a localized speaker to play an audio warning.
  • Get a notification in the dashboard of admin/security to add a secondary layer of check.
  • The system maintains an audit-ready log of all alerts.
Face Mask Detection

Occupancy Compliance

  • Maintain a count of the number of people at your premises at any point in time, and be informed if your premises is close to overcrowding.
  • Track and monitor the continuous flow of people, with our software being effectively calibrated to allow you to limit the number of occupants in your facility.
  • The system can be set to your specific restrictions, allowing you to choose the maximum occupants and the entrance you wish to monitor.
  • Integrate with a localised speaker to play an audio warning.
  • Notification in the dashboard of admin/security to add a secondary layer of check.
  • The system maintains an audit-ready log of all alerts.

Sanitation Compliance

  • Know which areas need to be sanitized. Process feeds from all connected CCTV Systems to create a heatmap of all areas where human presence is detected.
  • Triage sanitation efforts to prioritize areas that have seen high traffic since last clean.
  • Area priority rankings and dwell spot heatmaps show your staff exactly where traffic is most prominent for the most effective coverage with limited resources.
  • Optimize, enhance and prioritize your sanitation process for your business requirements and save on time and cost.

Contactless Attendance System

  • Enable a contact-less experience for your staff with the contactless attendance system using Facial Recognition. The proprietary facial recognition algorithm can work with or without masks.
  • Option to allow employees to download a dedicated mobile app for personalized alerts and prompts to check-in/check-out.
  • Bluetooth based proximity linking to ensure that attendance can be marked only in office premises.
  • Dashboards with real-time attendance information and convenient monthly reports for payroll processing.

Crowd Monitoring Compliance

  • Alert your team in real-time if a group of customers are within 6ft (2m) of each other or other staff members across any area of the store. Overcrowding heatmaps also help identify which areas have regular overcrowding to inform customer path flow management.
  • Identity and deal with crowd formation to avoid compliance and regulatory issues
  • Use crowd formation data to optimize your processes and offer a better customer experience.

What is included

A total of 10 Cameras can be connected to the Precog Covid-19 Compliance system for small businesses.

  • Face Mask compliance
  • Occupancy compliance (only 1 camera)
  • Sanitation compliance
  • Contact-less attendance system (only 1 camera)
  • Crowd Monitoring

Simple, three-step process to get your business Covid-19 ready.

  • Step 1 - Create your Precog account here.
  • Step 2 - Choose the Covid-19 package from our library and complete the purchase.
  • Step 3 - Download and configure the system on your dedicated PC. 

Please check the system specifications before purchasing the package – System specifications.