What is Precog?

Precog is a Computer Vision-based product that brings scalable intelligence to regular camera systems. It can work 24x7, 365 days, scanning camera feeds for any preset triggers and flag them for human review in real-time.

What are the different products that Precog offers?

* Perimeter Security
* Fire and Smoke Detection
* Contactless Attendance System
* Visitor Management System
* Social Distancing
* Crowd Detection
* Safety-Gear Detections
* Intruder Detection
* Asset Monitoring
* Person of Interest
Full module library is available on request. Please reach out to us.

Where can Precog be implemented?

Precog can be implemented where there is a need for CCTV-based surveillance. Precog automates and augments the surveillance capabilities of human security personnel to assist them. If you are not sure or have a query, do reach out to us and we will be happy to assist.

Will Precog work with existing surveillance infrastructure?

The Precog system can be integrated with any existing CCTV cameras. In the event that existing infrastructure may not be suitable for video analysis, it may need to be upgraded.
* For instance, if one requires video analysis in the dark IR or thermal cameras would be required. If these are not part of the existing infrastructure the system will not be able to see at night.
* The cameras are the eyes and the Precog is the brain. If the eyes cannot see well the brain will be limited in the judgments it can make.

What operating systems does Precog support?

Precog can currently be installed on Windows 10 Professional, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019 or Linux.

Can Precog process camera feeds from analog cameras or sources?

Precog is camera agnostic and can process a video feed regardless of the source as long as we have an accessible streaming URL.

Does Precog offer a mobile client?

Precog’s powerful native apps for iOS and Android that can work offline, online or hybrid.
Notifications, app management, device management and much more.

What are the hardware requirements for a Precog System?

The recommended hardware for a specific project will depend on a few variables, the most significant variables that affect the hardware recommendation are based on the resolution of the video to process and the number of hours of video to process per day.

Does Precog support an on-premises architecture?

Yes, Precog supports an on-premises architecture. This allows a localized instance of Precog for enhanced security and safety of your CCTV feeds and data.

What is the accuracy of Precog Applications?

Accuracy depends on the module-to-module basis. But in general, all our Precog modules are more than 90% accurate.

What database does Precog support?

Precog currently only supports Microsoft SQL Server as the database.

What cameras do you support?

All cameras including analog and IP cameras that support RTSP Url for H.264 stream are supported. Some of the cameras supported are Axis, Honeywell, Hikvision, Dahua, Prama Hikvision among others.

How many cameras can Precog Operate with?

Unlimited. The number of cameras is only limited by the available server hardware which can be scaled for any requirement.

Does the solution work at night?

It does work with Infrared (night vision) supported cameras or in environments where normal cameras are supported by sufficient light.

Do you support ONVIF?

Yes, we do support ONVIF.

What is the minimum camera streaming FPS required for the Precog system?

It is ideally recommended that camera streaming should be a minimum of 15 FPS as that is sufficient for all modules to work properly. However, different modules have different requirements and we will assist you during implementation for the best possible settings for your requirements.

Will Precog work with Thermal or Infrared Cameras?

Yes. Precog can operate just as effectively with Thermal and Infrared cameras.

What if I cannot find information that I am looking for?

You can contact us at and we will be glad to help find information. You can write to us at [email protected]

Where to find demo videos?

Reach out to us for demo videos.

How do I reach technical support?

You can reach out to our support team at [email protected]

What happens if I change PC or Server, do I get a new license?

Contact our support team, we will review if a new license needs to be issued or if you can work with the same license.

Can I test out Precog if I do not have any available hardware?

Precog has a cloud demo available that is accessed through the Google Chrome browser by visiting An account can be requested by writing to [email protected]

Do I need to purchase any hardware from cynapto?

You can purchase the server hardware from your empanelled vendors. In case you require assistance, Cynapto can connect you with authorized vendors.

Which countries are you present in?

We are currently present in India, UK, UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia, KSA & Canada.