Why you will love

Precog acts as a one stop platform to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to your existing cameras.

Real time alerts that helps to save lives & properties

Generally, people use CCTV footage for detecting the cause post-incident (e.g. theft, fire etc). Precog alerts in real-time to help you prevent the incident and reduce losses.

Cutting edge AI algorithms

Meeting Precog Applications, cutting edge AI algorithms that process your camera feed and look for the parameters that matter to you.

How Does
Precog Work?

Plug your CCTV Systems to the Precog OS

Log into your

Connect your
CCTV systems
to Precog.

Activate Precog
applications as per
your need.

Let the magic happen

Our cutting edge and advanced machine learning algorithms process multiple frames per second to bring you insight to take real-time decisions.

Receive notifications

  • Receive real-time notifications on your online dashboard, easily accessible on any device or native mobile apps for iOS & Android.
  • Integrate with local systems for automated responses.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports and audit logs.

Explore our products


Identify and track vehicles across cameras using Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Mask Detection

Facial Recognition to identify and recognize people with or without wearing masks.

Fire Detection

Video based fire detection to identify and raise alerts for fire.