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How it works

Connect your cameras

Easily onboard all your cameras by inputting the feed url. Add additional tags, location and other details to categorize and manage your devices.

Install apps on your cameras

Quickly and simply install the apps you need on your cameras. Map to cameras to derive the specific business insights.

Customize app parameters

Customize each apps parameters to hyper-personlize Vision AI, which works for you.

Monitor for alerts & insights

Get instant realtime overview of your cameras, alerts and insights. Monitor from Web or native Mobile Apps.

Need API access for your products, service or applications?

Instant onboarding of cameras

Precog's compatibility with all leading camera brands coupled with the user-friendliness of the platform helps in smooth integration and seamless onboarding of your existing cameras into our system to monitor day-to-day processes.

Automate tracking of Process Compliance

With Precog, you can setup and start tracking compliance deviations within minutes. Easily deploy and configure apps for your specific business needs. Map one or multiple apps to one or more cameras to get the specific insights you're looking for.

Realtime alerts

With two-way sync and cloud enabled platform, Precog alerts you and provides insights in realtime. You can monitor and take action to pro-actively improve your organization's security, safety and productivity.

Business Intelligence

With Precog, gain real-time visibility into your customers, employees, premises, processes and improve your organization's security, safety and productivity.

Vision AI - Personalized

One-size-fits all, "built for your competitor" doesn't cut it in machine learning. Businesses are complex, and users need tools that are specific to their workflow. With Precog, you can personalize and configure vision applications for your specific business needs. Set your own schedule, sensitivity levels, alert intervals to get alerts and insights personalized for you.

Native mobile apps

With Native mobile apps for iOS & Android, you can monitor and analyze Precog's metrics from anywhere. You can even manage your devices, re-configure parameters and more, no matter where you are.

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