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A Common OS for all Vision AI apps

A single OS for fully managed, secure and scalable edge-to-cloud software infrastructure and end-to-end tools to deliver real-time computer vision and deep learning systems for vision-enabled devices, including CCTV cameras, smartphones, webcams, and other vision sensors.

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Precog OS is in use for a wide variety of applications, for workplace safety, satellite image analysis, procedure detection in operating rooms, image quality control, in the cloud and as edge AI.

The Precog OS platform provides both standard AI models and custom AI training, which can be deployed to edge devices or in the cloud in hours.

Manage all your connected devices and apps in one place.

Easily and quickly onboard any CCTV camera and manage your precog applications in one place. Break through silos, collect intelligence across teams and make better decisions together.

Endless Use Cases

Choose from industry specific applications or build for your own use case.

Smart Cities

Improve traffic and parking and understand usage of public spaces.


Optimize quality control and improve production and compliances


Detect skin cancer and other diseases faster and with increased accuracy


Minimize production costs and improve crop yields

Waste Management

Automate disposal and sorting with smart waste management systems

Security & Safety

Keep personal and commercial environments safe and responsive

Smart Home

Improve family and elder care with pose estimation.


Understand customer behavior and create targeted experiences

Autonomous Vehicles

Detect pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles and prevent collisions


Give your drones and robots smart vision for instant decisions


Facilitate productive and engaging online learning environments

Marine Industry

Monitor marine life and ecosystems with object detection and tracking

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Build your own computer vision models without any AI engineers. Built-in tools supporting automation and every tool and data format for intelligent vision.