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A Common OS for all Vision AI apps

A single OS for fully managed, secure and scalable edge-to-cloud software infrastructure and end-to-end tools to deliver real-time computer vision and deep learning systems for vision-enabled devices, including CCTV cameras, smartphones, webcams, and other vision sensors.

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Identify defects during production

In the realm of Zero Defect Manufacturing, cutting-edge technology combining vision and Deep Learning methods captures product images at various stages of the process. This meticulous approach enables the early identification and rectification of defects and errors during production itself and curtails the occurrence of a higher volume of defects in future production.

60%+ Reduction in Quality Cost

Through the detection of defective products, it becomes feasible to promptly remove them from circulation, thus reducing the allocation of resources that would typically be expended on subsequent production steps. Additionally, there is also the potential to repair such products, enabling their viability for future marketing purposes.

80% faster than traditional AI model-building process

The new AI model-building process demonstrates a remarkable improvement, boasting an impressive 80% increase in speed compared to traditional methods. This accelerated approach revolutionizes the development of AI models, enabling faster implementation and deployment of cutting-edge technologies. By significantly reducing the time required for model creation, this advancement paves the way for more efficient and timely integration of AI solutions across various industries and applications.


Utilizing advanced technologies such as computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, this system enables the early detection of defects, ensuring higher quality standards and reducing the likelihood of faulty vehicles reaching the market. By automating the inspection process, Precog enhances efficiency, improves production speed, and ultimately contributes to customer satisfaction and brand reputation in the highly competitive automotive industry.


By automating the inspection and quality control procedures, Precog helps pharmaceutical companies maintain regulatory compliance, reduce the risk of product recalls, and safeguard consumer health. With its ability to detect even the slightest abnormalities, this system plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, instilling trust among consumers and fostering a strong reputation for pharmaceutical manufacturers.


By automating the quality control, Precog helps manufacturers maintain high-quality standards, minimize production errors, and ensure customer satisfaction. With its ability to identify defects swiftly and accurately, this system plays a crucial role in improving product quality, reducing waste, and upholding brand reputation in the competitive FMCG industry.

Smart Cities

Improve traffic and parking and understand usage of public spaces.


Optimize quality control and improve production and compliances


Detect skin cancer and other diseases faster and with increased accuracy


Minimize production costs and improve crop yields

Waste Management

Automate disposal and sorting with smart waste management systems

Security & Safety

Keep personal and commercial environments safe and responsive

Smart Home

Improve family and elder care with pose estimation.


Understand customer behavior and create targeted experiences

Autonomous Vehicles

Detect pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles and prevent collisions


Give your drones and robots smart vision for instant decisions


Facilitate productive and engaging online learning environments

Marine Industry

Monitor marine life and ecosystems with object detection and tracking

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